Hi Gorgeous!

We believe you were divinely guided here. No, we are not just saying that because we want you to enroll.

We say that confidently because any woman who is drawn to grow her business by the leading of the Holy Spirit is our type of woman!

Scroll below and read what is about to launch. You will either immediately know it's an answer to prayer or START praying because you're ready for that next level living and true alignment in your business.

We have been praying for the specific women who will be part of this VERY special group, and we are so honored and excited to work with them!

OKAY, OKAY we are ready to give you all the details! The who, what, where, when, why, and how much!

WE (Jessica and Lindsy) are hosting for the first time ever a Christian mastermind/coaching group.

With over a decade of coaching, counseling, Christian leadership, we are ready to foster a true kingdom focused mastermind that relies on the HOLY SPIRIT and Biblical principles to guide our businesses and... let's be honest...our entire lives!

In a culture that is fixated on "personal development" we have lost the spirit of the LORD. Women have been influenced to believe that "hustling" is sexy and empowering. WORK HARDER, BOSS UP, GRIND IT OUT, LEVEL UP are just a few examples of the verbiage that is glamorized leaving women feeling overwhelmed, burnt out, short fused and unfulfilled.

It is time to take our power back and give it to the creator of the universe! It is time to step into your GOD given giftings and allow His spirit to reign.

This is for any Christian female coach, business owner, MLM leader, or entrepreneur who is wanting to heal broken money mindsets and step into the abundance of God's favor for your life.

"In a world one manifesting from the universe, its refreshing to have two women leading from the POWER of the Holy spirit and God who CREATED the universe."

- Bryttanie June


Jessica is a wife, mom of 3, Business & Transformation Coach and million dollar earner in Network Marketing! Her passion is helping women heal and master their mindset so they can truly become unstoppable in their business, motherhood and marriage and LIFE! Because when women are successful and healed, we change the world and create lasting legacy’s that our children will proud of! 


Lindsy is a wife, mother to 3 beautiful girls, self proclaimed girls girl, counselor, professor, Bible teacher, radio persona, entrepreneur, ministry leader, and most of all... daughter of the most high king... Jesus!!! It’s her mission for every woman to shine her unique gorgeous God given light to this world while leveraging her spiritual gifts to soar in BUSINESS!

Please share details ...

coaching/MASTERMIND groups with Jessica and Lindsy facilitate and teach on the Power of the HOLY SPIRIT and how HIS power should be used with purpose in your relationships, family, sex life, finances, leadership, identity, and business!

Jessica and Lindsy specifically pray for each woman in these group, visualizing their goals/dreams, speaking words and scripture over each woman to usher them into a rivival in their life, business, and self with JESUS at the center!

Each woman will be taught on spiritual warfare, how to decipher between HIS spirit and worldly ideologies, be given a business bundle pack, and most of all tools to step into a life of GODLY PEACE and alignment and watch you step into the woman HE so beautifully created!